10 Things We Learned Today

  • Yahoo acquired Associated Content for $90-100 million. This is great move for Yahoo. Unlike Foursquare — another startup it has been looking at — a content farm fits well with the businesses Yahoo is actually good at.
  • Google bought Global IP Solutions, a startup that provides voice and video processing technology for IP networks. Very little attention was paid to the deal, showing just how used to Google’s shopping spree we’ve all become. A $68 million deal for the search giant used to be a real story.
  • Zynga and Facebook struck a five year deal, ending their standoff over Facebook Credits. That much was expected; losing Facebook as a platform would be a huge blow to Zynga. The leading social games developer wil pay Facebook the full 30% on in-game transactions, but probably received free advertising in exchange.
  • The Huffington Post is absolutely killing it.
  • Fidelity dumped 2 million shares of Google stock last quarter.
  • Twitter’s official iPhone app went live in the App Store today. Twitter recently acquired Tweetie, a leading third-party Twitter app. ‘Tweetie 2’ was pulled last night, and was replaced by a Twitter-branded version today.
  • Amazon, feeling the heat from Apple’s iPad, is looking to hire an army of engineers to work on the Kindle.
  • LifeLock CEO Todd Davis, who has demonstrated his faith in his company’s identity protection service by printing his Social Security Number on advertisements, has had his identity stolen a whopping 13 times. On the other hand, LifeLock has raised almost $80 million to date.
  • Mark Zuckerberg will control Facebook for as long as he wants, no matter what.
  • Microsoft has a creepy new ad campaign for the Kin. For all the wrong reasons, it has provoked another fit of puritanical outrage from Consumer Reports, which also led the charge against the last (completely inoffensive) Kin ad:

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