10 Juicy Tidbits From Fred Wilson, GroupMe, And Foursquare

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Last night we moderated a panel at Brooklyn Brewery with Foursquare’s Chief Product Officer Alex Rainert, Yipit cofounder Jim Moran, and Shelby.TV cofounder Reece Pacheco.

Fred Wilson was also interviewed along with GroupMe cofounder Steve Martocci.We learned some interesting tidbits.

  • Another TechStars NYC company will be announcing Series A funding next week. Term sheets have already been signed. We know who but can’t say. Sorry!
  • Fred Wilson hates Pandora. Instead of listening to the artist you like, you’re forced to listen to other people. He says the music gets worse and worse as it goes on.
  • Fred Wilson does like hot NYC startup TurnTable.FM. His only problem with it is that he can never get up on stage and that’s all he wants to do!
  • Despite Spotify being a $1 billion company, Fred Wilson does not wish he had invested in it.
  • Fred Wilson has never heard a Lady Gaga song. Ever. He’s also never heard a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift song.
  • GroupMe is launching a revamped product in July. It’s dabbling in international markets (mostly Canada for now).
  • Jim Moran says he first knew Yipit was a success when he received a newsletter unsubscribe request via snail mail. “You may not notice it, but every newsletter by law must have an actual unsubscribe mailing address at the bottom. It was both a sad and happy day when we received our first, mailed in unsubscribe,” he says. That’s when he “knew they’d made it.”
  • GroupMe says it was shaken but not stirred by iMessage. Martocci says he’s always thinking of features six months ahead. While iMessage duplicated one of his startup’s core features, he says he has enough other ideas in the pipeline not to be concerned.
  • Foursquare hopes to reach 10 million users by Dennis Crowley’s 35th birthday next week. It’s also hiring engineers in New York and California.
  • Mark Suster told Reece Pacheco that he liked the original version of Shelby.TV, which was a sports video aggregator, better than the current company. Ouch.

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