Men Are Actually The More Romantic Sex

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Photo: Flickr/Guillame Paumier

Here are 10 things we’ll bet you didn’t know about love and romance:

  • Studies show that, in general, men are actually more romantic than women. Men also say “I love you” first, have more positive recollections of their first kiss, and are more likely to end a relationship because it lacked “magic.” Saying “I love you” means the most to men and women at different times. 
  • Flowers really do increase romantic feelings. Uncertainty does too. There are shortcuts to bonding with a romantic partner on a deeper level.
  • You can tell if people are in love. People who feel a connection naturally mimic each other and they engage in a lot more eye contact. Staring into someone’s eyes can make them fall in love with you.
  • Go ahead and babytalk. It’s good for your relationship.
  • Love does mean being a little deluded. Don’t believe it? You’re deluded. This has been shown time and time and time again.
  • Long term love is not as rare as people think but romantic people don’t have longer relationships than less romantic people. Your dating history predicts how optimistic you are about love. Your parents’ relationship predicts how optimistic you are about marriage.
  • 98% of who you end up with is due to who is around you. 2% is about your desires. Frankly, you don’t really know what you’re attracted to anyway.
  • Your name can screw up your love life. Photos of loved ones can reduce physical pain. Think of love when you want to be more creative. Think about sex to increase analytical ability.
  • Being in love makes alternative partners appear less attractive. It also means more faked orgasms.
  • “Love at first sight” relationships aren’t of lower quality than relationships slower to develop. Sex can lead you to love.

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