10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

edward snowden

Good morning!

Here’s the overnight news:

  • Facebook finally launched Hashtags to show when people write a status update that is part of a larger conversation. It’s what Twitter and Instagram have been using for years.
  • IBM is reportedly laying off thousands of workers worldwide.
  • Apple’s dive into cheaper iPhones with larger screens continues, according to Reuters. It may produce the devices in 5 or 6 colours.
  • Path may have paid Facebook a boatload of money in ads to boost its userbase.
  • The Feds were searching for Edward Snowden days before the first media reports were published.
  • Snowden snuck out of hiding to do an interview with South China Morning Post. He told the reporter that he intends to stay in the city, and that the U.S. government has been hacking into Hong Kong computers for years.
  • Patch has proved to be a $200 million money-suck for AOL, and its traffic hasn’t grown in a year, according to ComScore.
  • Here’s some reasoning behind the $1.1 billion Waze acquisition.
  • Yahoo has acquired another mobile startup. It now owns Ghostbird Software, which makes photo apps for iOS.
  • British Airways is paying for more than 100 notable people in Silicon Valley to share a flight to London. On it, they’ll figure out ways to get more people (women in particular) into technology. Then they’ll present their ideas to the United Nations.

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