10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning!

Here’s what’s happening in tech:

  1. AOL’s third quarter earnings are being reported this morning. Here’s a live blog where you can follow along.
  2. Apple is building a new 700-employee manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona to make components for various Apple products.
  3. Silicon Valley has a serious arrogance problem.
  4. Justin Bieber invested $US1.1 million in a social network for teenagers, “Shots of Me.”
  5. Here’s a video of LG’s new flexible phone, the G Flex, flexing.
  6. 8% of US adults get their news on Twitter, according to a new report. About 30% get news on Facebook. The difference is, Twitter’s news consumers are “younger, more mobile and more educated.”
  7. The former creative director of Buzzfeed is bootstrapping a startup, Rather. Rather helps you eliminate every annoying post on your Facebook and Twitter streams.
  8. Two computer science researchers at Cornell University say they’ve uncovered a fundamental flaw in Bitcoin that is so bad, it could kill Bitcoin.
  9. Troy Carter’s claim to fame, aside from his investments in startups like Dropbox and Uber, is that he’s Lady Gaga’s manager. But no more. Lady Gaga has dropped him over “creative differences,” according to Hollywood Reporter.
  10. Gigaom’s Om Malik has written a good, long piece about his history with Twitter and the company’s future.

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