10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Tech

Good morning! Here’s what happened overnight:

  1. Yahoo reported earnings yesterday. Both its revenue and earnings were down.
  2. Glen Greenwald, the reporter who first published Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks for The Guardian, is starting a company with a bunch of money from investors.
  3. Apple is reportedly cutting iPhone 5C orders for the fourth quarter.
  4. Square now lets anyone with a debit card send money over email. Just type the amount you’re sending in the subject line and cc [email protected]
  5. Billionaire Reid Hoffman has shared LinkedIn’s investor pitch deck from 2004 with commentary and advice for entrepreneurs. It shows what life was like for LinkedIn as a startup, before it was generating revenue, and it’s a must read for any founder.
  6. Tech luminary Anil Dash has a new startup, ThinkUp, that provides insights about your activity on social networks. For example, it can tell you if people liked your old profile picture better than your new one, or if you’re sharing too much information about yourself.
  7. Twitter revised its S-1 regulatory filing yesterday with new information about its third quarter revenue, users and more. It has also selected the New York Stock Exchange for its IPO and the road show will start October 25.
  8. Path, a mobile social network founded by former Facebooker Dave Morin, laid off 20% of its staff. It’s still reportedly seeking a lead investor for a new round at a $US400 — $US500 million valuation.
  9. GoDaddy has acquired domain hosting company, Media Temple.
  10. TechCrunch has a much-improved new look.

*This morning’s 10 Things email and initial post called Snowden “Eric” instead of “Edward.” The writer promises to drink her coffee cup fully before hitting “publish” tomorrow.

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