10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Only one more day until we gorge ourselves with turkey! Here’s some news to tide you over.

  1. The NSA spied on the porn-watching habits of six Muslim “radicalizers” so it could potentially undermine their credibility, according to Snowden documents.
  2. Aaron Levie of Box has been named Inc’s Entrepreneur of the Year.
  3. Was the viral GoldieBlox video, which re-wrote lyrics for The Beastie Boys’ song Girls, legal? That’s up for debate, but there’s a good explanation of fair use and what constitutes copyright infringement here.
  4. Apple has tweaked its App Store search engine to improve results for mis-typed words.
  5. Fab’s CEO has a track record of failing. Here’s how the company found itself in rough shape and what Jason Goldberg needs to do to turn it around.
  6. There may be no link between the alleged Silk Road founder and the founder of Bitcoin after all.
  7. Athos is a tiny new wearable sensor that’s built into Under Armour-like shirts and leggings. It tracks everything from repetitions, heart rate and muscle effort while you work out.
  8. Google is inviting developers to buy Glass now.
  9. “OK Google”: Google is releasing a new Chrome extension that will enable hands-free voice search on desktop computers.
  10. MSNBC has fired Alec Baldwin over a “homophobic rant” at a New York Post photographer. His show, “Up Late With Alec Baldwin” has been cancelled.

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