10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Yahoo employeesYodeanecdotal via YahooYahoo employees are resisting the switch to Yahoo Mail for their corporate email accounts

Happy Monday. Here’s some news to kickstart your week:

  1. TV is dying and here are some charts that prove it.
  2. Apple has confirmed its acquisition of 3-D sensor startup PrimeSense. PrimeSense was reportedly bought for about $US360 million.
  3. Uber has partnered with Toyota and General Motors to help its drivers buy more affordable cars.
  4. Yahoo employees don’t want to switch their corporate email accounts to Yahoo Mail.
  5. A new study found there is a surprising connection between the creator of Bitcoin and the alleged founder of Silk Road.
  6. A woman’s angry, tech-savvy ex hacked her phones, voicemail and computer to block her from her digital life. Unfortunately, that’s what domestic violence is starting to look like in the digital age.
  7. Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, explains why he wants his elderly, sick father to die immediately. He believes doctor-assisted suicides should be legal.
  8. That 3 hour and 12 minute football game you like to watch every Sunday? On average, you’ll see 100 commercials during it and only 11 minutes of real action with the football.
  9. Google-owned Waze now lets its users receive driving directions from celebrities via voice navigation.
  10. 9 entrepreneurs, including Aaron Levie of Box and Max Levchin of Slide and PayPal, reveal why they decided to sell for big bucks or pass on life-changing acquisitions.

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