10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


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Good morning. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Asian indices were mixed in overnight trading with the Nikkei down 1.65%. Major European indices are trading up and US futures indicate a lower open. Now, here are the 10 stocks attracting unusual interest this morning >
  • The Egyptian market opened for trading today for the first time since late January. The market however crashed about 10%. Don’t miss: The 11 countries that could become the next Egypt >
  • The fallout from Japan’s Fukushima reactors have got worse. Tokyo now reports that drinking water is not safe for babies with levels of iodine at twice the safety limit for babies though it continues to be safe for adult consumption. Emergency workers and technicians were forced to evacuate Fukushima’s nuclear plant after smoke began emerging from its no 3 reactor. Check out incredible pictures and videos from the Japanese disaster >
  • Irish 2-year bond yields have surged to 10%, the highest levels since the crisis. This move comes after EU finance ministers yesterday agreed on a permanent rescue fund.
  • Portuguese 10-year bond yields have spiked to 7.58% ahead of today’s vote on the country’s austerity budget. Rhe country’s opposition party announced that it would vote “no” on today’s austerity budget.
  • Unrest in the Middle East continues. Syrian security forces fired at protestors gathered outside a mosque in the town of Daraa killing six and wounding others. The UN military intervention in Libya continues, with more coalition attacks today. Oil meanwhile. is approaching $105 a barrel. Here’s A Guide To The Military Qaddafi Is Using To Crush His Own People >
  • Amazon opened a virtual app store for Android phones and tablets. This comes after sales of smartphones using Google’s Android overtook iPhone sales recently. 
  • Baidu, China’s biggest search engine company is working to develop a light operating system for mobiles over the next 3 -5 years.
  • New homes sales figures will be released at 10 AM ET with the consensus at 290K. Follow the story at Money Game >
  • The estimated cost of the Japanese disaster has now been raised to $309 billion which is twice the cost of the Kobe earthquake. Re-insurers are not expected to take as big a hit as was initially expected. Don’t miss: Our guide to the economic impact of the Japanese disaster >
  • BONUS: Rachel Zoe, reality show star and celebrity stylist has gone into labour with her first baby.

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