10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! Here’s what happened over the weekend and all the tech news that’s breaking right now.

  1. CES begins in Las Vegas today (although a lot of attendees struggled to get there due to cancelled flights). One of the first bits of news to come out of the conference: Lenovo is launching new desktop computers.
  2. Microsoft may not have a new CEO yet because candidates are uneasy with Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, WSJ reports.
  3. Jeff Bezos was airlifted from Galapagos for emergency kidney stone surgery. “Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars.” Bezos says.
  4. Tech entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis believes employment and wage disparity will be the critical issues of our time. Contrary to some loud-mouths who have blogged about the issues in insulting ways, Calacanis thinks Silicon Valley is doing a lot to help the world.
  5. The new homepage is the first app you open on your phone in the morning.
  6. Here’s how Mark Zuckerberg grew Facebook’s mobile revenue from nothing to significant in six months. It started with his former teaching assistant at Harvard and an in-house project called “Prioritization.”
  7. Apple just bought an Australian camera app, SnappyCam, that takes 20 photos per second.
  8. People are calling for the Snapchat CEO’s head after 4.6 million accounts were hack and Evan Spiegel failed to apologise to users.
  9. The story about Kim Jong-un having his uncle eaten by 120 wild dogs may have started with a satirical tweet.
  10. A malware attack hit thousands of Yahoo.com visitors over the weekend.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

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