10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know this Thursday.

1. London’s DeepMind is winning the global race to develop human-level artificial intelligence. That’s according to Oxford University professor and “Superintelligence” author Nick Bostrom.

2. US healthcare company Theranos has laid off 340 workers and is closing all its clinical labs. The move was announced in a letter by Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

3. Twitter stock plunged 10% in after hours trading on a report that Google won’t make a bid. Sources cited by Recode say Google does not currently plan to make a bid and was not moving forward with any effort to do so.

4. Samsung just bought a potential Siri-killer from the guys who originally created Siri. The company that’s been acquired is called Viv Labs.

5. Amazon has launched Prime Reading, a new service that gives its Prime members free access to thousands of books and magazines. It includes the likes of the Harry Potter series and Sports Illustrated.

6. Apple, Google, and several other large tech companies say they didn’t build secret tools to spy on users like Yahoo did. Yahoo was reportedly working in partnership with US intelligence agencies.

7. Apple is opening a software school for aspiring developers in Italy. The iOS Developer Academy will open in Naples this week.

8. A London pizza joint is telling customers to order food with Deliveroo instead of UberEATS. Elephantastic says UberEATS drivers are less reliable.

9. Apple is killing off the old Apple TV. Following the launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV back in 2015, the tech titan is phasing out the previous version of its set-top box.

10.Marc Benioff and Bill and Melinda Gates are all trying to raise money for Bono’s charity to end AIDS. The charity is called Red.

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