10 things in tech you need to know today

Patrick & John Collison, Stripe foundersStripeStripe cofounders Patrick and John Collison.

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know this Monday.

1. Stripe, the US fintech firm founded by two Irish brothers, is now worth more than $9 billion (£7 billion). The payments company raised $150 million (£120 million) in a new funding round.

2. Instagram hasn’t started sending people notifications when you screenshot their public photos. There was a rumour going round that it had.

3. San Francisco’s transport network was hacked. People in the city were able to travel for free on buses and trams over the weekend as a result.

4. Samsung is reportedly considering whether to split itself in two. That’s according to an article from Seoul Economic Daily.

5. DeepMind has hired AI safety experts to protect us from dangerous machines. The London-based AI lab is building computer systems that can learn and think for themselves.

6. Alex Chesterman, the CEO of property website Zoopla, has invested in VITL. VITL is a healthcare startup that’s preparing to launch a service that uses artificial intelligence to personalise vitamin deliveries.

7. Tesla is hiring augmented reality experts who worked on Microsoft HoloLens. It’s possible that Tesla is working on an in car heads-up display.

8. Silicon Valley Bank is considering whether to remove names from job candidates’ résumés in a bid to prevent unconscious bias from its recruiters. The bank offers a range of financial services tailored towards technology and life science businesses.

9. Voice search has created a huge vulnerability at the heart of Google’s business. The company has traditionally relied on screens to sell ads.

10. The UK has been ranked as the fifth most entrepreneurial country in the world. It came behind Singapore, New Zealand, Denmark, and Canada.

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