10 things in tech you need to know today

Marvel StudiosFornite is getting an Avengers crossover.

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday.

1. In an interview with CNBC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took shots at tech rivals Google and Amazon. He said his cloud competitors are “fantastic at being able to rig transactions.”

2. Google’s developer conference, I/O, kicks off today with expected previews for Android P, Google’s Home smart speakers, and Google’s search engine. It’s likely AI and virtual reality will feature too.

3. Google will also reportedly introduce new controls to Android that might encourage people to put down their smartphones.According to The Washington Post, CEO Sundar Pichai will emphasise responsibility in his keynote speech.

4. Snapchat is replacing its CFO just a week after the company reported disastrous earnings. A seasoned executive from Amazon will replace him.

5. YouTube pulled hundreds of videos of the weekend sponsored by paid essay-writing service EduBirdie, over worries it encourages cheating. A BBC investigation found the existence of more than 250 YouTube channels containing paid promotions for EduBirdie on the site.

6. Microsoft will give developers a bigger cut of app profits in the hope of encouraging them to Windows 10. The firm will take only a 5% cut of all revenue from the Microsoft Store, the app store built into Windows 10.

7. Uber has reportedly discovered that its self-driving car which collided with a woman and killed her did detect the pedestrian but ignored her. The software classified her as a “false positive”, because it was trained to ignore certain harmless objects such as plastic bags or debris in the road.

8. Facebook is inadvertently connecting ISIL terrorists through its friend suggestion algorithms, according to an upcoming study. Researchers from the Counter Extremism Project found that just researching extremists meant Facebook began suggesting them as friends.

9. Google will ban ads from bail bond companies, which help people come up with the necessary funds to meet bail while they await trial. Google categorised it as a “deceptive or harmful product” and cited research showing low-income and minority communities are hurt by such services.

10.“Fortnite,” the most popular game in the world right now, is getting a crossover event with “Avengers Infinity War,” the most popular movie in the world right now. The new event starts in the game today, with a special “Infinity Gauntlet” mode.

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