10 things in tech you need to know today

Shona Ghosh/Business InsiderHuawei’s P30 Pro has a strange new feature.

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

  1. Europe voted to change the face of the internet, backing new laws wildly unpopular with firms like Google and Reddit. The new EU Copyright Directive passed Tuesday in a 348-274 vote.
  2. Google is revitalizing its robotics division according to the New York Times, but this time it will focus on AI-software instead of human-like mobility. Business Insider reported last September that a reboot of Google’s robotics program was likely, given the dozens of open job listings for robotics experts on its website.
  3. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will reportedly meet with a top US military official in Washington to discuss the company’s AI efforts in China. The meeting comes after Gen. Dunford’s remarks during a Senate hearing earlier in March, where he said Google’s artificial intelligence work in China “indirectly benefits the Chinese military.”
  4. Huawei’s new flagship phone the P30 Pro ditches the ear speaker and lets you hear calls through a vibrating screen. Huawei says transmitting calls through vibrations means they are more private.
  5. Google is rolling out “dynamic emails” to make Gmail more useful and interactive. “Dynamic emails” means instead of having to click a link to answer a poll on a different website, you could just do it straight within a Gmail message.
  6. Electronic Arts, the major video game company behind “Madden” and “Apex Legends,” is laying off about 350 employees. Based on their most recent earnings report, Electronic Arts has been falling short of sales goals, but the company’s stock has been rising since the release of “Apex Legends” in February.
  7. UPS just beat out Amazon, FedEx, and Uber to make America’s first revenue-generating drone delivery. UPS, in partnership with drone technology company Matternet, began its daily drone delivery of medical supplies within the WakeMed Raleigh campus on Tuesday.
  8. Twitter users are getting locked out of their accounts because of a viral prank. The prank promises users that changing the birth year on their account to 2007 will reveal a special, more colourful version of the Twitter feed.
  9. Sony announced what’s next for PlayStation with a Nintendo-style presentation called “State of Play”. The upcoming games are split evenly between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, showing that Sony is committed to virtual reality.
  10. AirBnB has a problem with hosts using hidden cameras on guests, The Atlantic reports. Four AirBnB guests who found hidden cameras told the Atlantic that the company was ineffectual in dealing with the problem.

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