10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Monday.

1. Facebook is under huge pressure from politicians in the US and UK after The Guardian reported Cambridge Analytica, a Trump-linked research firm, accessed personal information of 50 million people via a Facebook app. Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica from its platform for violation of its terms of service.

2. Facebook has banned the whistleblower behind the Cambridge Analytica revelations, Christoper Wylie. Wylie is unable to use WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

3. YouTube Kids, an app intended to be a child-friendly version of YouTube, shows conspiracy theory videos in kids. The app contains videos by conspiracy theorist David Icke, who claims the world is ruled by reptile-human hybrids.

4. Apple is designing and making its own screens for the first time, according to Bloomberg. The company has reportedly set up a secret manufacturing facility close to its headquarters in California to create microLED screens.

5. Tinder’s parent firm, Match Group, is suing its biggest rival Bumble for alleged patent infringement and over claims that two early Bumble executives who previously worked at Tinder took confidential information. According to Recode, it might be a way for Match to acquire Bumble.

6. Facebook is investigating whether one of its own employees knew about the Cambridge Analytica data leak. Social psychology researcher Joseph Chancellor works at Facebook but his position is under review, according to Bloomberg.

7. The price of hyped cryptocurrency Ether has dropped after the SEC said it was investigating dozens of Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. The price currently sits at $US547.42, down from more than $US1,000 at its peak in January.

8. Computer security researchers are worried about a mysterious iPhone-unlocking tool called “GrayKey”, a grey box which can crack devices in hours or days. Security firm Malwarebytes, which got hold of the box, speculated the box uses zero-day flaws to crack the phones.

9. Twitter will ban ads relating to cryptocurrencies, after Facebook and Google did the same. The ban will apply in the next fortnight, according to Sky.

10.Tech investor Peter Thiel has claimed there are ‘no successful tech companies in Europe’ and said EU regulation stemmed from regional jealousy of Silicon Valley’s success. Thiel made the comments during an event in New York.