10 things in tech you need to know today

Ocado oxbotica self drivingRob Price/BIUK online supermarket Ocado’s self-driving van.

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

1. Russian hackers reportedly discussed hacking Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails and transferring them to Michael Flynn, then a member of the Trump campaign, according to the Wall Street Journal. There’s no evidence yet that anyone actually did get hold of the emails.

2. A US teenager was charged with manslaughter after allegedly shooting her husband in a YouTube stunt that went wrong. Pedro Ruiz III died from a single gunshot wound after holding an encyclopaedia against his chest which was intended to stop the bullet.

3. Twitter is considering joining the fight against fake news. The company is considering ways for users to flag tweets with false or misleading information, according to the Washington Post.

4. A female former employee of US VC firm Binary Capital is suing the company for harassing and defaming her after she left the firm, according to Bloomberg. Disgraced former partner Justin Caldbeck allegedly texted Anna Lai after she left, threatening to ruin her career.

5. Airbnb is reportedly testing another luxury tier for its service called “Airbnb Lux”, according to Bloomberg. The company is already working on a hotel-like service called Airbnb Select, but Lux is even fancier, offering mansions and luxurious apartments to wealthier travellers.

6. Investors are preparing to put more money into hot new fintech app Revolut, even though the startup is bleeding money to acquire customers. The funding round will come to £50 million, giving Revolut a valuation of £300 million.

7. Londoners are buying fewer cars, instead turning to apps like Uber and DriveNow as an alternative, research shows. A YouGov survey — commissioned by Uber — shows 43% of Londoners see apps as an alternative to owning a car.

8. Online supermarket Ocado is trialling self-driving delivery vans in London. The company is getting its robot vans to deliver gift hampers to local residents in Greenwich.

9. Instagram has released an AI-powered tool to combat spam and malicious comments. Staff trained the tool to recognise spam comments, teaching it to account for context and who’s making the comment.

10. Google has hired a new head of diversity as it makes slow progress in hiring more ethnic minorities and women. The company hired Intel’s former head of diversity, Danielle Brown, and revealed 7 out of 10 employees are men and 56% of its US workforce is white.

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