10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know this Tuesday.

1. Google is reportedly working on developing its own smartphone. The company currently licenses the Nexus line of phones with companies like LG and Huawei.

2. Uber is going to start letting people request a hot air balloon or boat ride. The services, which will initially be exclusive to China, are being offered through a new feature called Uber + Travel.

3. HP CEO Meg Whitman is reorganising HP Enterprise just nine months after HP split in two. Several senior employees are leaving the enterprise division.

4. Google is apparently surveying people about what a “Chromebook Pro” should be like. The word “Pro” would imply a high-end laptop running Chrome OS, just like, say, the MacBook Pro or the Surface Pro 4.

5. Tesla’s giant factory opens in July but it’s nowhere near complete. The estimated cost of construction permitted so far is $322 million (£242 million).

6. Apple gave its employees special rainbow Apple Watch bands that normal people can’t buy. Employees posted photos of the band on social media over Pride weekend.

7. Ride-sharing service Lyft has hired investment bank Qatalyst Partners ahead of a possible sale. The bank’s chairman has contacted companies including large automakers about acquiring a stake in Lyft.

8. Airbnb is suing San Francisco over new rental laws. The city wants the startup to comply with tougher rental legislation.

9. The CEO candidate of $3 billion (£2.3 billion) Docusign bailed at the last minute to join Google. Rick Osterloh reportedly pulled out of taking Docusign’s CEO position in March so he could go back to Google, where he now serves as SVP of hardware.

10. 70 UK tech workers spent the weekend cycling from France to Britain. Brexit was all that anyone could talk about.

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