10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know to start off the week.

1. Verizon will reportedly announce today that it’s buying Yahoo for around $5 billion (£3.8 billion). The deal needs to pass regulatory approval, but Verizon reportedly wants to get the news out before its earnings on Tuesday.

2. Tesla and SolarCity are nearing a merger agreement. Elon Musk’s dream of uniting the electric car and solar panel companies is one step closer to reality.

3. “Pokémon Go” was downloaded more times in its first week than any other iPhone app in history. Apple announced the news on Friday.

4. Tech CEO Gurbaksh Chahal was found guilty of violating his probation. He will face a sentencing hearing on August 12.

5. After being sued, Samsung is hitting back at Huawei with its own $24 million (£18.2 million) lawsuit. The two companies have both launched patent infringement lawsuits at each other.

6. Police reportedly asked a 3D printing lab to recreate a dead man’s fingers to unlock his phone. Fusion reports that police visited a professor at Michigan State University to ask about 3D-printing a fingerprint.

7. Apple has made special edition Apple Watch bands for the Olympics — but you can only get them in Brazil. The colourful bands represent the flags of 14 nations involved in this year’s event.

8. People are spending more time on “Pokémon Go” than Facebook and Snapchat. A chart from 7Park Data shows the dramatic rise of the game.

9. Android software company Cyanogen is reportedly undergoing a major round of layoffs. Around 20% of the workforce has reportedly been let go.

10. It’s never too early to look ahead to Apple earnings! Apple reports its earnings tomorrow, and it’s not going to be a pleasant quarter.

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