10 things in tech you need to know today

Hollis JohnsonThe iPhone X.

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

1. US carrier AT&T cancelled a deal to sell phones made by Chinese maker Huawei. The deal fell through on security concerns, according to the Wall Street Journal, and rival carrier Verizon is reportedly thinking of following suit due to political pressure.

2. Apple has caved to public and investor pressure and promised it will introduce new tools to to help parents manage their children’s iPhone use. Two of Apple’s investors had said the firm needed to help children combat iPhone addiction.

3. Shares in photo firm Kodak almost doubled in price when the firm announced a blockchain-based rights management service for photographers. Kodak will use the blockchain to track photos licensed through its system.

4. Facebook is reportedly working on a smart home speaker with its own display, called Portal, specifically designed for video chat. The device will compete with Amazon’s Echo Show, and will arrive in the second half of 2018.

5. Internal Snapchat metrics leaked to the Daily Beast show the app is predominantly used for swapping images in messages, with users mostly ignoring extra features like publisher showcase Discover, and the Snap Maps feature. Just 11% of Snapchat’s user base checks the Maps function daily.

6. Chinese gaming group Kunlun has acquired the dating app Grindr in full, after founder Joel Simkhai sold the company the remainder of his stake. Simkhai has left the firm, and Kunlun chairman Yahui Zhou will serve as interim CEO.

7. Twitter has missed an important government deadline to answer questions about its role in Russian election interference. The company was due to answer questions on Monday from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

8. The UK has squeezed £136 million in tax from Apple after HM Revenue and Customers determined the firm wasn’t paying enough. Filings for subsidiary Apple Europe show the tax payment covering several years to 2015.

9. Samsung showed off a 146-inch TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas called “The Wall.” Viewers can adjust the TV’s size so it can fit their living room wall.

10. Google had to shut down its booth at CES for a full day because it flooded after heavy rain in Las Vegas. The firm had planned to demo products to reporters on Tuesday, but employees were instead forced to bail out rainwater.

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