10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

1. Twitter made its first profit last quarter, with a surprise jump in revenue to$US731.6 million. But monthly users stayed flat, and its filings show Twitter achieved profit by cutting costs rather than growth.

2. Apple issued a takedown noticed for core iOS 9 code that was leaked to the website GitHub. The company said users didn’t have to worry about potential hacks as a result of the leak, but encouraged them to update their software.

3. Nest’s cofounder Matt Rogers is leaving the smart thermostat business to focus on his venture firm Incite.org. His announcement comes a day after parent firm Google said it would spin Nest back into its hardware division.

4. A well-known Russian troll factory used Twitter to create fake accounts and tweet about Brexit during the UK’s referendum in 2016. Twitter said it found 49 accounts connected to Russia’s Internet Research Agency, as part of a probe by the UK politicians.

5. FBI agents accused Apple chief executive Tim Cook of being a “hypocrite” over the issue of unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. The exchange, where two agents criticise Cook for playing “such a privacy advocate”, was released as part of a US investigation into how the FBI handled a probe into Hillary Clinton.

6. Chinese tech giant Didi Chuxing has partnered Japanese telco Softbank to launch ride-hailing services in Japan.Softbank is an investor in Didi, and the two will trial a service later in 2018.

7. Black tech workers are being shortchanged around the world, according to data from Hired, which shows they make $US6,000 less a year than their white peers. Part of the reason, according to Hired, is that minority candidates ask for less to begin with.

8. India’s antitrust authorities have fined Google1.36 billion rupees ($US21.17 million, £15.14 million) for abusing its dominant position in search and online advertising. India found Google guilty of “search bias” in promoting its own commercial flight search service above rivals.

9. Facebook is testing a downvote button so people can flag problematic comments – but the company said this is absolutely not a dislike button. When people tap the downvote button, Facebook will offer additional options such as “Offensive,” “Misleading,” and “Off Topic.”

10. Twitch is clamping down on harassment and inappropriate content on its platform with tighter rules that will likely affect many of its creators. Moderators will also bar content that is sexually suggestive, after media noted that streamers wear revealing clothing to attract viewers.

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