10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Monday.

1. Uber and Alphabet-owned Waymo will go to trial on Monday to fight out whether Uber stole trade secrets around Waymo’s self-driving car technology. The legal battle has been ongoing for a year, and centres on a former Waymo employee, Anthony Levandowski, who went to work for Uber.

2. Apple Music is set to overtake Spotify in terms of paying US subscribers. Apple Music has been adding paid users at a faster clip, at about 5% per month, whereas Spotify is only adding around 2% per month.

3. Samsung vice chairman Lee Jae-yong has been freed from prison after an appeals court reduced the length of his five year sentence for bribery. The heir to Samsung’s empire had been convicted for bribing South Korea’s ex-president.

4. Apple is reportedly investigating user complaints that the iPhone X has a glitch when receiving calls. Users have spotted that the touchscreen display of the phone displays a call up to ten seconds after the ringtone starts, preventing them from tapping the button and taking the call.

5. A British bank has banned the purchase of bitcoin on its credit cards.Lloyds Bank fears footing the bill if people suddenly face debts if the cryptocurrency declines in value.

6. New Amazon warehouses don’t boost local employment in the US, according to the Economic Policy Institute.Warehouse jobs do increase by about 30%, but overall employment stays steady – suggesting areas with fulfilment centres aren’t getting a good return on investment.

7. A former intern at record management startup Ripcord said she was fired after complaining of objectification and harassment. Perry Coneybeer claimed the startup’s CEO discussed porn in front of her, and made a lewd comment about her.

8. Silicon Valley investor and Uber backer Shervin Pishevar is to drop his lawsuit against a Republican opposition firm that he claims spread rumours about his alleged sexual misconduct. Pishevar will still hunt down the source behind stories he was arrested, then released, on a rape charge.

9. Apple is to offer free repairs on any iPhone 7 affected by a call service glitch, which leaves device owners unable to reconnect to their network after switching aeroplane mode off. The issue is down to a failed component on the phone’s logic board, Apple said.

10. People are apparently flocking to delete the quiz app HQ Trivia after reports emerged the startup will receive funding from controversial Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel.Thiel has become unpopular since his support of Donald Trump’s administration, and after bankrolling a lawsuit that eventually bankrupted the Gawker website.

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