10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

1. A number of hackers infiltrated Tesla’s Kubernetes console to mine cryptocurrencies. The console apparently lacked a password, and contained credentials to access its Amazon Web Services environment.

2. Google’s online payment solution, Google Pay, has started rolling out worldwide. It will replace the old Android Pay, and the app’s home screen will display a personalised list of relevant stores that accept it.

3. Facebook’s vice president of advertising Rob Goldman has apologised internally for his tweetstorm about Russian interferences in the US elections. He reportedly said that he “conveyed his view poorly.”

4. Russian bots reportedly started spreading divisive tweets just hours after the recent shootings in Florida.Hundreds of bots have been identified, and most of them have been found tweeting about gun regulation and the debate around it.

5. Microsoft has clarified the limitations of the ARM-based version of Windows 10 compared to the more traditional x86 architecture. Restrictions include no initial support for 64bit apps, no Hyper-V support, and no x86 drivers.

6. Snapchat is updating its app to support GIF stickers in posts, using Giphy’s archive. The update is also introducing tabs to the Friends and Discover sections to help better organise and follow Stories.

7. Microsoft is adding direct game sales for over 5,000 titles on its Twitch competitor, Mixer. The company said that it will pay streamers 5% for each purchase made from their channel.

8. 16 Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges are reportedly joining forces to create a self-regulating body. The idea behind it is to safeguard investors, particularly in light of Coincheck’s $US530 million (£379 million) heist last month.

9. The next version of Android will block idle apps in the background from accessing a device’s camera. Things may change in the final version, but that’s what developers have gathered looking through “Android P” references in the latest AOSP (Android Open-Source Project) code changes.

10. Walmart has reported a sharp slowdown in its e-commerce operations over the holiday season. Following three quarters of booming growth, the US giant’s stock has closed down over 10%.

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