10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know this Tuesday morning.

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote to Apple employees to explain why he attended President Elect Trump’s tech roundtable. “I’ve never found being on the sideline a successful place to be,” he wrote.

2. Uber lost $800 million (£645 million) in the third quarter. The company is reportedly on track to lose $2.8 billion (£2.2 billion) in 2016.

3. Facebook launched six-way video calling for Messenger. Six people can appear on screen, while 50 people can listen in.

4. Alphabet’s DeepMind unit could be expanded to 1,000 people. The company currently has over 350 employees.

5. Twitter is testing push notifications for breaking news. It confirmed that it’s testing notifications about content on the site.

6. “Super Mario Run” has blown away “Pokemon Go” in its first few days, analysts say. App intelligence firm Sensor Tower estimates that the game attained 5 million downloads and $5 million (£4 million) in gross revenue in its first day.

7. Germany is thinking about fining Facebook over “fake news” posts. Politicians are considering fining Facebook a whopping €500,000 (£420,000) for each offending post it fails to take down within 24 hours.

8. Google has shown off its new self-driving car. Waymo (Google’s self-driving car company) converted a fleet of 100 Fiat Chrysler minivans.

9. Nintendo isn’t planning any “Super Mario Run” downloadable content. The company’s stock keeps dropping.

10. The Labour party in the UK wants large technology companies to reveal how their algorithms work. Shadow minister Chi Onwurah wants more transparency.

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