10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know this Tuesday.

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1. The Trump administration thinks North Korea was behind the WannaCry attack – and plans to publicly name and shame it today. The government has a “very high level of confidence” that the Lazarus Group, which is allegedly affiliated with North Korea, perpetrated the attack.

2. The man arrested over the murder of a British diplomat in Lebanon was an Uber driver. Rebecca Dykes was killed and dumped on a roadside in Beirut on Saturday.

3. Apple let a fake version of a major game slip into the App Store. The fraudulent version of “Cuphead” made it through Apple’s usually strict App Store approval process.

4.Twitter suspended Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen in a massive hate purge. President Trump was widely criticised in November for retweeting anti-Muslim videos from Fransen.

5. Kaspersky Lab filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, striking back against the ban on its software.The US federal government banned its agencies from using Kaspersky software in September.

6. Leaked Mashable documents show how bleak things were before Ziff Davis came to the rescue. Mashable was heavily reliant on digital-media advertising revenue, the documents show. It also lost $US4.2 million (£3.1 million) in the three months through September.

7. HQ Trivia was getting ready to raise money at a $US100 million (£74 million) valuation, but some investors are reportedly backing off after learning about a founder’s “creepy” behaviour.Some investors were reportedly worried about cofounder Colin Kroll’s behaviour while he was working on the Vine team at Twitter.

8. Benchmark data suggests Apple is slowing down iPhones with old batteries.iPhone owners have discovered that replacing the battery in an old phone can boost its speed.

9. WeWork is reportedly recruiting startups for a mysterious new invite-only incubator called Area 51. The incubator will give startups a modern workspace and mentorship in exchange for a monthly fee – not equity.

10. Google reportedly suspended an artificial intelligence researcher for alleged sexual misconduct. The suspension came after a female Google employee published a Medium post last week.

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