10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know this Thursday morning.

1. Cisco announced its plan to cut 5,500 jobs. That’s around 7% of its workforce.

2. Security experts are saying that Russia has leaked NSA cyberweapons online. Multiple experts believe that the NSA really was hacked.

3. Google is hiring Reddit users with specific accents to improve its voice recognition. It has been placing ads on certain subreddits.

4. Uber is taking legal action against London’s transport regulator over tough new laws. Its competitors support the laws, though.

5. Amazon may beat Apple to become the first $1 trillion (£765 billion) tech company. It’s all about having a massive market.

6. A Bloomberg tech journalist is leaving to join Elon Musk’s $1 billion (£765 million) AI company. Jack Clark is leaving Bloomberg to head up the communications operation at OpenAI.

7. Snapchat plans to more than double its workforce in New York City. The Los Angeles-based startup has agreed to create 396 new jobs in the state of New York.

8. McDonald’s is replacing toys with fitness trackers in Happy Meals. It’s only happening in the US and Canada for a limited time, though.

9. South Korea now has its very own drone arena. The arena, which is 49 kilometers south of Seoul, includes safety nets, LED lights, and a TV for first-person flights.

10. The Deliveroo strike is over as the company abandons plans to force couriers into signing new contracts. Protests have been taking place outside Deliveroo’s office in Central London over the last week.

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