10 things in tech you need to know today

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Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

1. Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has broken her silence on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, admitting to having made “mistakes.” Sandberg told The Financial Times that Facebook still didn’t know how much user data Cambridge Analytica still held.

2. Facebook will pause a secret project that involved sharing people’s anonymised data with hospitals. That social data would have been used to help with research on how to better treat medical issues like heart conditions.

3. Facebook secretly deleted messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg and other executives out of people’s Messenger inboxes.Facebook said it had deleted the messages in case the company was hacked.

4. Fewer Spotify shareholders decided to sell their shares than expected when the firm went public on Tuesday. That might have contributed to an initial shortage which drove the price up, according to Bloomberg.

5. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is launching its own venture fund.The company will invest in startups that are disrupting finance.

6. Developers reliant on Instagram’s API said they had no notice that Facebook would restrict their access on Wednesday night. App makers only found out Facebook was choking off access when they began receiving error messages.

7. Samsung posted a surprise first quarter profit, amid worries that the chip boom that fuelled its business might soon end. The early release of the Galaxy S9 flagship helped fuel profits.

8. Civil groups in Myanmar criticised Facebook for not doing enough to crack down on hate speech amid the suspected genocide of Rohingya Muslims in the country. They called the site’s response “inadequate.”

9. John Hennessy, Alphabet’s new chairman, said tech companies needed to self-regulate or “bad things will occur.”Hennessy also suggested government regulation was not the answer because politicians couldn’t keep up with technology.

10. Furious Amazon customers have said they are locked out of their accounts, without any explanation why. Hundreds of customers said they couldn’t access their accounts over the last week.

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