10 things in tech you need to know today

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Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday.

1. Apple is working on a VR headset that could be ready by 2020. The headset would include two displays with higher resolution than the best TVs and smartphones available today.

2. Sprint and T-Mobile will merge to create a company worth $US146 billion. The new entity will retain the T-Mobile name, and T-Mobile CEO John Legere will serve in the same role.

3. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos talked about life as the richest man in the world, and why he’s willing to put billions into his space company Blue Origin, an interview with Business Insider. Bezos also said it was “reasonable” for the firm to be scrutinised by the government.

4. Facebook’s annual developer conference is coming up – and developers have never been more unhappy. One accused the firm of waging war on developers after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

5. Google cofounder Sergei Brin said Silicon Valley could no longer be “wide-eyed and idealistic” about the impact of its creations on society. In his annual founders letter, he said tech firms needed to show “responsibility” and “care.”

6.Alphabet is building a futuristic neighbourhood in Canada – but locals don’t want to live in a ‘new Silicon Valley.’ Footpath Labs is Alphabet’s urban planning arm, and plans to build a high-tech area in Toronto.

7. Singapore ride-hailing firm Grab is facing issues in its acquisition of Uber’s local operations. Regulators worry about competition, while drivers are reluctant to switch from Uber to Grab.

8. Google is making it easier for advertisers to reach people who watch YouTube on their TV screens. The company will make YouTube TV inventory available through its Google Preferred programme, which sells inventory for the top 5% of YouTube channels.

9. Microsoft is pushing out a big Windows 10 update.New features include Timeline, which keeps track of what files you were working on, when you were working on them, and from what devices, and Focus Assist, so you see only the notifications you want to see while you’re working.

10. A 13-year-old boy from Kent, UK, has become Fortnite’s youngest professional player. Kyle Jackson takes part in global competitions for the survival shooter.

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