10 things in tech you need to know today

Flickr/B RosenYouTube execs are aware of the platform’s problems with conspiracy theories.

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

  1. YouTube’s executives were aware the platform’s issues with misinformation and hate speech, but chose to ignore internal warnings from staff about conspiracy theories and other questionable content. According to Bloomberg, worried employees tracked the rise of alt-right YouTubers and borderline content, but were essentially told not to rock the boat.
  2. YouTube placed multiple restrictions on content from far-right British activist Tommy Robinson, but stopped short of banning him altogether. Viewers watching his videos will see warnings pop up before his content, and won’t be able to leave comments.
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg flew to Ireland, the location of his company’s international HQ, to meet with senior Irish politicians and talk about misinformation and fake news. Zuckerberg was reportedly keen to meet with the Irish data regulator, who has the power to scrutinise Facebook on an EU-wide basis, but she wasn’t available.
  4. More than 900 Google staff signed an open letter complaining about the way the firm treats temporary contractors. It comes after Google shortened the hours of the contract workers working on its Assistant team.
  5. A whistleblower at currency transfer startup Revolut raised concerns about the startup’s compliance practices to the UK’s financial watchdog, according to the BBC. The FCA spent a year investigating the startup over concerns it wasn’t checking for potential money-laundering.
  6. Big-league investment firm Andreessen Horowitz is raising a $US2 billion fund, according to Forbes. It is also renouncing its status as a VC firm to make riskier bets, such as investing in cryptocurrencies.
  7. Facebook should not be appealing a tiny fine over Cambridge Analytica if it’s really committed to privacy regulation, according to the UK’s data cop. The Information Commissioner’s Office said Facebook should drop its appeal of the £500,000 ($US653,000) fine over the Cambridge Analytica breach in November.
  8. Twitter is collectively freaking out over a video showing a giant Amazon blimp deploying a swarm of delivery drones but it isn’t real. The video was computer generated by a Twitter user, based off a real patent Amazon filed in 2016 for a drone delivery service with “airborne fulfillment centres.”
  9. Tesla will pay $US31,000 to the Environmental Protection Agency for hazardous waste violations, the agency said Monday. The EPA said Tesla had failed to comply with air emissions standards for equipment leaks and management requirements for generators of hazardous wastes.
  10. “Dreams,” a new video game that lets you recreate your dreams (and play those created by others), is finally releasing in 2019 after years of anticipation. “Dreams” will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4, in early access, starting April 16.

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