10 things in tech you need to know today


Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

1. Facebook will label all political ads in the UK as it tries to become more transparent in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. People will be able to see who political ads are targeted at, and how much they cost.

2. British politicians accused Facebook of concealing evidence when it gave testimony earlier this year. MPs thought policy executives had not been frank about the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting.

3. Facebook said it has found ‘connections’ between Canadian data firm Aggregate IQ, and Cambridge Analytica – despite the two firms denying links. Facebook said Aggregate IQ spent around $US2 million on pages relating to Brexit.

4. Amazon Prime is getting a price hike. Amazon says it will increase the price of its annual Amazon Prime membership program to $US119 a year for US customers – an increase of $US20.

5. Microsoft topped analyst estimates in its Q3 earnings. Microsoft’s cloud businesses, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and the Office 365 productivity suite, posted huge growth for the quarter.

6. Amazon posted $US2 million in ad revenue. And experts think Facebook and Google should be worried.

7. Snap released a new version of its camera-enabled Spectacles on Thursday. The second-generation Spectacles will be water-proof, come in different colours, and have the ability to take still images – not just video.

8. Intel shares soared after better-than-expected earnings. The “beat and raise” earnings report comes amid industry-wide concerns over the impact of recently-discovered security vulnerabilities in chips.

9. Pinterest is making it easier for people with different skin tones to find suitable products via search. Search often favours lighter skin tones, but now Pinterest will offer the option of filtering results by skin tone.

10. Dutch police have shut down a notorious revenge porn site, Anon-IB.Three Dutch nationals were arrested for stealing images and then sharing them on the site.

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