10 things in tech you need to know today

1. Apple will start paying $US16 billion in back taxes to Ireland, after an EU ruling in 2016. The money will go into an escrow account, but both Ireland and Apple will appeal the ruling.

2. Facebook confirmed it had an NDA with Aleksandr Kogan, the man at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.The company said Kogan signed a confidentiality agreement when he certified that he had deleted Facebook data that he had harvested through an app.

3. Instagram has introduced a new feature to let users download their data, one month before Europe’s strict new privacy law comes into effect. The download includes your Instagram photos, videos, comments, past searches, direct messages, Stories in your archive and profile information.

4. Amazon will deliver packages directly to people’s cars in the US. The service, Amazon Key In-Car, will be available in 37 cities to customers who own Volvo or GM models with a Volvo On Call or OnStar subscription.

5. WhatsApp has raised its minimum user age in Europe from 13 to 16 to comply with Europe’s new privacy rules. The company will also let users download the data WhatsApp holds on them, such as their contacts, groups, blocked numbers, and make and model of their device.

6. Facebook will no longer let apps post automatically to your profile following an API change. The change goes into immediate effect for new apps, while existing apps will retain their posting permissions until August 1st of this year.

7. Spotify announced a revamped version of its free mobile app that is intended to lure free users into paying for a subscription. The new app lets people create more playlists, listen to them in any order, and offers a low data mode.

8. Apple has warned iPhone users in its latest iOS update not to use third-party repair shops. Some iPhone 8 models have unresponsive touchscreens because they were repaired by third parties, though the update should now fix that.

9. The SEC has fined what is left of Yahoo $US35 million because it didn’t tell investors about Russian hacking.Yahoo was hacked by a state-sponsored actor identified as Russia in 2014, but investors didn’t learn about the incident until 2016.

10. An ex-Facebook and Google exec is joining an Israeli autonomous drone startup called Airobotics. Richard Wooldridge was COO at both tech giants’ hardware labs until recently, and will act as COO to Airobotics.

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