10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

  1. Google’s founders have failed to turn up to every company all-hands meeting in 2019, BuzzFeed reports. These absences, the longest in Google’s history, come at a time when the firm faces questions about hate speech on its platform.
  2. Uber will seek to sell around $US10 billion worth of stock in its initial public offering, according to Reuters.Most of the shares would be issued by the company, while a smaller portion would be owned by investors cashing out, one of the sources said.
  3. YouTube livestreamed a US congressional hearing Tuesday about hate crimes and the rise of white nationalism on social media platforms, where policy executives from Google and Facebook testified. Commenters in the live chat alongside the YouTube livestream spewed hateful slurs and racist remarks about Jews and other minorities.
  4. Google Cloud announced Anthos, which allows customers to run their applications across Google Cloud, data centres, and even rival clouds like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. This is Google’s first big hybrid cloud platform – marking its entry into a market that Microsoft has been in for years, and something that Amazon Web Services will start to push into later this year.
  5. Wing, a startup owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has secured approval for one of the world’s first drone delivery services. Wing,which became its own company under the Alphabet brand last year, plans to launch its first commercial delivery service in Canberra, Australia.
  6. Investors are buying up Slack stock in the private markets ahead of its IPO at double the price of the firm’s last fundraising round, according to Bloomberg. Some of the sales prices imply a valuation of $US26 billion.
  7. Facebook’s new group-video-watching feature, Watch Party, is proving wildly popular with pirates. Business Insider found that pirates were also using it to host movie marathons and binge-watch classic TV series on the social network, in an apparent circumvention of copyright law.
  8. IT unicorn PagerDuty raised the price range for its upcoming IPO to $US21 to $US23 per share, up $US2 from the figures it gave previously. At the high end of this new range, the company would have a market cap of $US1.69 billion at its IPO.
  9. Facebook will use AI to determine when users on its services might be dead, and stop recommending that other friends interact with them. Previously users have been sent notifications to wish dead friends happy birthday.
  10. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earned just $US1.40 in 2018 to run the social network, according to a company filing published late on Monday. Dorsey is one of several Silicon Valley CEOs to decline pay, but he isn’t poor given he owns $US557 million at Tuesday’s share price. He also earns money from his second job as CEO of the payments firm Square.

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