10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! It’s supposed to be a rainy one all day here in New York, which is less than ideal. Let’s get into the news:

1. E-Commerce startup Fab told some employees not to come into work on Thursday. It’s planning a massive reduction in its staff.

2. Nest recalled its smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the Protect. A recall doesn’t mean that it needs to be turned in, it means that it needs a software update. The recall revealed sales of the Protect. It’s at ~440,000 units.

3. This story from New York magazine is a good look at the state of startups in Silicon Valley. It’s about an app that makes getting your clothes washed easier.

4. Cisco’s “futurist” Dave Evans is leaving the company for a startup. He has helped Cisco think about future markets for it to enter.

5. Anonymous gossip app Secret is now on Android.

6. Apple has signed up to lease a seven-story building in Sunnyvale, California.

7. Here’s a big story everyone is passing around about Metafilter, and how it’s getting hurt by Google’s search rules.

8. Chinese e-commerce company JD.com raised $US1.78 billion in a public offering that gives it a valuation of $US25.7 billion, despite the fact that it operates at a loss.

9. VC Fred Destin is joining Accel, leading European operations.

10. An employee at Danger, the company that built one of the earliest smartphones has written a long story about what it was like building its phone. He felt that history wasn’t giving Danger its due.

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