10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning!

  1. Enterprise-focused online storage company Box filed for an IPO. It did $US124 million in revenue, and $US168 million in losses.
  2. Those numbers might not seem too hot, but here’s the thing about them: It means the old-fashioned IPO market is back. Companies aren’t waiting until their numbers are perfect before they hit the market. Whether this is good or bad, is up for debate.
  3. Google is partnering with Oakley and Ray-Ban to make Google Glass for mainstream glass wearers.
  4. Disney bought YouTube network Maker Studios for $US500 million plus a $US450 million earn out.
  5. Richard Levin, the former president of Yale, is going to be taking over Coursera, an online education startup.
  6. An interview with former Android exec Hugo Barra about his new job working on Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi.
  7. President Obama is going to seek an overhaul of the NSA to end bulk collection of data on citizens’ phone calls.
  8. A movie theatre in Los Angeles will offer a “4D” experience with shaking seats, and fog.
  9. Here’s a YouTube video of the demolition of the old HP headquarters that will be the new home for Apple.
  10. This is the pitch deck that Hampton Creek used to get millions of invesment dollars.

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