10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! We’re looking at another warm one — 91 for the high here in New York. Seems like it’s summer. Let’s look at the news:

1. Amazon’s latest tactic in its battle with Hachette: It reached out to authors directly and offered to pay them 100% for e-book sales, cutting out Hachette.

2. Here are 17 brain teaser questions that Google used to ask employees but banned because they didn’t think they actually helped find the best workers. These are always fun to read.

3. Om Malik has a big essay that everyone is passing around about the responsibility of technology companies to be more open and transparent about how the data they collect on us.

4. Here’s a look at Samsung’s first virtual reality headset, which should be out in the fall.

5. Uber has agreed to cap surge pricing during times of emergencies.

6. Uber rival Lyft has finally launched in New York. (This probably explains why Uber was cutting prices in New York this week.)

7. Meet the 22 most powerful female engineers in the tech industry.

8. This is the perfect explanation of differences in approach to the smartphone market between Apple and Google. Apple wants to make the cloud dumb storage and the device really smart. Google wants to make the cloud really smart, and the device just dumb storage.

9. Apple hired two more people from Nike that were formerly working on the FuelBand, Nike’s fitness tracker.

10. Google slashed pricing on its cloud computing platform down to almost nothing through a partner as it battles with Microsoft’s Azure, and Amazon Web Services.

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