10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! We’re going to have a sunny Friday here in New York. Let’s look at the tech news.

1. Microsoft announced plans to lay off 18,000 employees. 13,000 of those layoffs happened immediately. Of that, 12,500 came from Nokia.

2. Microsoft also says it’s going to kill the Nokia Android phone program.

3. And, Microsoft is going to shut down the group it had working on original programming for the Xbox. It’s all about focus for new CEO Satya Nadella.

4. Google reported earnings, and overall they were pretty good. Revenue was a beat, while EPS was a miss. Cost per click was better this quarter, which is what people were watching.

5. Apple got a new board member. Sue Wagner, who helped found BlackRock replaces Bill Campbell, who was a close friend of Steve Jobs, and a board member for 17 years.

6. Edward Snowden says the NSA passes around nude photos of people. But don’t worry, it only happens if you’re young and attractive.

7. IBM reported earnings, and while there was plenty of good news, overall revenue was down 2%. Still much work to be done at the company.

8. Twitter acquires payments startup CardSpring, which provides an API that makes it easier for companies to accept payments.

9. Alibaba is now planning its IPO for September.

10. Facebook is testing a “buy” button that lets people buy straight from the Facebook page.

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