10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! USA Soccer plays today, so get stoked. Here’s the tech news:

1. Yahoo is reviving Community, a beloved show that was cancelled by NBC. This is the first major video production from Yahoo, and it follows Netflix, which revived Arrested Development.

2. Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud storage startup Box, talks (or rather, avoids talking about) what it’s like for the company’s IPO to be in limbo.

3. BTIG Research asked its readers to submit screenshots of their home screens. The results (behind a paywall, just register to see it) are somewhat interesting. The big takeaway: people generally stick with the default apps instead of rearranging their home screen.

4. Dating app Tinder is being sued by a co-founder who is claiming sexual harassment and discrimination.

5. “Buy Now” buttons are showing up on Twitter, as it starts to experiment with e-commerce.

6. There’s a new all emoji social network that everyone in tech was talking about yesterday.

7. Apple is hiring its own speech recognition team to make Siri a better product.Apple is not hiring only in the managerial level, but hiring also people on the team-leading level and the researcher level … They’re building a very strong team for speech recognition research.”

8. Here’s a list of all the big shots from the tech industry who will be attending the Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference next week.

9. Fred Wilson has a post about the IPO market and “unintended consequences.”
Basically, he says we have private companies, and we have public companies, and we have a point where it blurs thanks to secondary markets. He thinks the government should stay away from trying to control those secondary markets.

10. Here are the craziest places Google has gone with its “street view” explorers.

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