10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Marissa meyerStephen Lam/ReutersYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Good morning! It looks set to be a rainy day in New York. Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Yahoo beat expectations in its Q3 earnings. Revenue was up 1% from Q3 last year.

2. Uber drivers around the world will be protesting today. They are unhappy about the company’s driver policies.

3. HP is planning on creating a computer that can scan objects in 3D. It will also have a built-in projector.

4. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti says Yahoo is making a strategic mistake. He says it is “needlessly picking the harder path.”

5. EMC has announced that it will host a press conference on Thursday. The announcement will come on the same day as its earning call.


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6. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is being paid $US84 million. His base salary is $US918,917, with a cash bonus of $US3.6 million.

7. Google has announced a new USB security key. It checks whether a website is valid before you log in with your Google account.

8. Apple has denied that its servers were compromised by Chinese hackers. Reports had suggested that Chinese iCloud users had come under attack.

9. Tim Cook sent a letter to Apple staff following the company’s strong Q4 performance. He praises the company’s “hard work and dedication.”

10. The Nokia brand is going to be replaced by Microsoft Lumia. The roll-out starts in France.

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