10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today

Good morning! It looks set to be an overcast day in London today. Here’s the tech news you need to know.

1. Uber has been banned in Nevada. It’s the only state that allows prostitution.

2. European regulators want to roll out the “right to be forgotten” around the world. They say people should be able to remove personal information that is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.”

3. Uber’s Android app could be collecting your personal data. It sends private data back to the company.

4. Apple could partner with Foxconn to make sapphire displays. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have a sapphire screen, reportedly due to last-minute complications.

5. The CEO of Uber must share his emails with lawyers investigating how the company hands tips to drivers. It’s claimed that Uber keeps most of the 20% fee.

6. Twitter is going to start monitoring what other apps you have on your phone. You can opt-out of it, however.

7. GoPro is going to release a line of consumer drones next year. They will be priced between $US500 and $US1,000.

8. One of the men in charge of Apple Maps has left the company for Uber. Brad Moore is now helping develop Uber’s range of apps.

9. Facebook has hired the “father of statistical learning.” Vladimir Vapnik is leaving his position at the University of London to work for the tech giant.

10. Amazon has unveiled its Black Friday deals. Most deals are around $US20 off the usual asking price.

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