10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Elon Musk said it would be “great” if Apple starts making cars. He also denied that the company was seeing engineers leave for Apple.

2. Samsung is creating a $US14.3 billion chip factory. It is seeing an increase in demand for chips, but a drop in interest for its smartphones.

3. Netflix is targeting older viewers with a new comedy show about two retired women. Jane Fonda will star in the show.

4. HR software startup Zenefits raised $US500 million in new funding. The raise means that the two-year-old startup is now worth $US4.5 billion.

5. Chinese drone manufacturer DJI raised $US75 million in funding at an $US8 billion valuation. The funding round was led by Accel Partners.

6. Gym membership startup ClassPass is now valued at $US400 million. It has raised $US54 million since its launch nearly two years ago.

7. Reddit is going to start creating original video content. It is going to kick things off with video versions of its “Ask Me Anything” interviews.

8. The Xbox One could receive an update this year that allows it to record TV. Customers can already watch live TV on the console.

9. Mountain View’s city council has rejected Google’s plan to build a glass-domed HQ. It did sign off on a proposal by LinkedIn, however.

10. Advertisers are starting to worry about the amount of porn on Twitter. Nielsen pulled one of its Twitter ad campaigns after it was served next to porn.

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