10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! It’s a dull, grey start to the day in London. Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Apple is reportedly working on a TV service that will launch in the autumn. Around 25 channels will be included with the service, and will cost between $US30 and $US40 per month.

2. Pinterest raised $US367 million at an $US11 billion valuation. It could also raise up to $US208 million in additional funding.

3. Uber’s CFO is stepping down. Brent Callinicos is going to stay on as an adviser to the company.

4. South Korea says that North Korea hacked one of its nuclear reactors in December. It traced the code of the software used back to North Korea.

5. Google is asking Firefox users to stop using Yahoo. The default search engine for the web browser is Yahoo, which worries Google.

6. Investor Bill Gurley says that 2015 could see some “dead unicorns.” A “unicorn” is a startup valued at $US1 billion or more before its IPO.

7. Facebook has banned revenge porn. Its new community guidelines prohibit intimate photos uploaded without the subject’s consent.

8. Xiaomi is creating a smartwatch. Apple’s biggest rival in China is reportedly working on a low-cost competitor to the Apple Watch.

9. Xiaomi is also working on smart shoes. The shoes will let runners measure their performance.

10. Alibaba has unveiled a new payment technology which involves taking a selfie. It’s called “Smile to pay.”

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