10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. WeWork is a $16 billion (£11 billion) company. The office-sharing startup is raising $430 million (£303 million) at a huge valuation.

2. Apple executive Eddy Cue says that the FBI could make the company spy on people with iPhone cameras or microphones. That’s if it loses a legal battle where the Bureau is trying to force it to build software to help unlock an iPhone, which Apple says would set a dangerous precedent.

3. Square beat expectations on its first ever earnings, and the stock popped. Revenue was $374 million (£264 million) against $343 million (£242 million) estimated.

4. Mark Zuckerberg has shown off how the new “face-swapping” app he bought will change Facebook. The social network just acquired Masquerade.

5. Palantir, Silicon Valley’s most secretive startup, won’t sell to tobacco companies. Palantir builds data analysis tools, but says it was worried about what cigarette companies would use them for.

6. Twitter is giving its employees more cash and shares to soften the sting of its fallen stock. Its stock has lost two-thirds of its value since April 2015.

7. Google is joining Facebook’s game-changing Open Compute Project that is eating the $140 billion (£99 billion) server hardware market. The Open Compute Project shares designs for data centres.

8. Jack Dorsey explained how he manages 18-hour workdays running two companies, and why investors shouldn’t freak out. Dorsey is CEO of both Square and Twitter.

9. Proposed US legislation could hit tech companies who don’t help authorities investigate encrypted data with contempt of court. A Senate bill is being prepared for introduction, Reuters reports.

10. There’s now a video of Google’s self-driving car slowly hitting a bus. The accident is the first that was definitely the fault of the search giant’s self-driving software.

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