10 things in tech you need to know today

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Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Apple announced Apple Music, its new music streaming app at the company’s annual developers conference yesterday. It will allow users to stream from a catalogue of over 30 million songs found on iTunes.

2. The company also unveiled iOS 9. The iPad and iPhone software update will focus on elevating the foundation of the platform, which means Apple has made some security and performance updates.

3. And OS X El Capitan, its new operating system for Macs. It will speed up performance, make search more knowledgeable, and improve Mission Control, among other new features.

4. Facebook has scrapped secret plans to provide cheap internet to the developing world by building a $US500 billion satellite. The cost of the project was too high, and it was cancelled before it was ever announced.

5. A SpaceX competitor just unveiled design plans for a reusable rocket. Airbus hopes to see its design fly by as early as 2025.

6. Radio streaming service Pandora could be returning to the UK. There’s a rumour going round that the company has been speaking to music rights-holders in the UK.

7. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun just revealed the secret to the company’s success. Apparently it’s all to do with “seizing the right opportunity.”

8. Alibaba has increased its investment in cloud computing in the US to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The company signed a series of partnership deals with the likes of Intel and data center company Equinix to localise its cloud offerings without having to build its own new data centres.

9. German takeout company Delivery Hero just raised another huge round of funding. It raised $US110 million (£72.2 million) from two “leading public market investors” in the US.

10. Google’s VP of engineering just left the company to join data analytics firm Cloudera. Ex-DoubleClick executive Neal Mohan is also leaving the Google for Dropbox.

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