10 things in tech you need to know today

Mark zuckerberg annoyedREUTERS/Jose Miguel GomezPresident, founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a Reuters interview at the University of Bogota January 14, 2015.

1. Facebook wants to build a new €200 million data centre in Ireland. The renewable-powered facility is planned for the town of Clonee, and will bring the social networking giant’s Irish workforce to more than 1,000.

2. The UK tech scene is far more diverse than the US scene. That’s according to a new study from startup accelerator Wayra.

3. US payment startup Stripe could crush one of Europe’s hottest fintech firms. Stripe is launching in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland this week — putting it in direct competition with Klarna, a rival Swedish online payment company valued at £650 million ($US1 billion).

4. Facebook has launched a new photo-sharing app called Moments. It uses facial recognition to detect who is in photos stored on your phone and asks if you want to send the images to them.

5. One-word messaging app Yo is attempting to make a comeback with Yo 2.0. The update will let users send photo messages or their location, as well as the word “Yo,” and could help brands monetise their following on the service.

6. A British firm wants to let people log into their back-accounts using emojis. Intelligent Environments have developed technology that replaces the traditional pin code with emojis, and claims it is even more secure than using numbers.

7. Microsoft just made 2 big announcements that will seriously worry Sony. At the E3 gaming conference, the company announced an extensive backwards-compatibility program for the Xbox One, and is also partnering with games company Valve and its virtual reality headset — in addition to its partnership with Facebook’s Oculus Rift. (Oh, and wildly popular game Minecraft is also coming to Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens.)

8. LastPass, one of the most popular password security companies, has admitted it was hacked. The app lets users use just one strong password to log into all their services, but it has now been attacked. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every password stored using the service has been compromised, however.

9. Evernote CEO Phil Libin wants to step down. Libin considers himself a “product person” and feels the company needs a “professional” CEO.

10. Facebook is being taken to court because it allegedly violated European privacy rules. Belgium’s privacy commission is suing Facebook over alleged violations of Belgian and European privacy laws.

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