10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Oculus mistakenly leaked pictures of the finished Oculus Rift virtual reality device. It looks like there will be a camera on the front of the device, and it will have a “simple input device” to navigate menus.

2. All of Germany’s national newspapers just signed up to a micropayment app. Blendle allows users to make small micropayments for individual newspaper and magazine articles rather than having to sign up to digital subscriptions.

3. Dojo, the London-based app that recommends the best places to go in the city, is launching in Paris. The company has also been in talks to close a round of funding at the end of this year.

4. The CEO of a $US1 billion tech “unicorn” believes the industry is in a bubble. And he believes it’s going to burst sooner rather than later.

5. Almost half of Salesforce shareholders voted against CEO Marc Benioff’s $US39 million pay package. Shareholder votes are merely advisory, but could mean they’re getting tired of the rich compensation executives are getting.

6. Nat Rothschild’s taxi app Maaxi has run into some huge problems. Many of its drivers say that customers just aren’t using the app to order cabs.

7. Chinese tech company Huawei tried to order journalists not to write about its awkward press tour. The company became defensive when asked about a US ban on the company bidding for tech contracts.

8. Microsoft just solved everyone’s biggest problem with the new Xbox. The company is going to release a 1TB version of the Xbox One.

9. Apple is planning to release its new music service on Android. Apple hopes to bag 100 million users for Apple Music, when Spotify only has 60 million, and only 15 million of those pay for its premium tier.

10. The company also hired an obscure British DJ to present its new radio station. Julie Adenuga will join Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden on the radio station Beats 1.

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