10 things in tech you need to know today

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Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. The iPhone 6S is going to be twice as fast as the iPhone 6. It could also have a longer battery life.

2. Snapchat is finally letting you tap once to view an image, rather making you press down and hold on the screen. The new update, rolled out yesterday, will also let you add friends quickly based on geolocation.

3. Here’s how you can decide whether switching from Spotify to Apple Music is the right choice.There’s no easy way to move your existing Spotify playlists to Apple Music, so switching is a big commitment.

4. Cloud computing startup DigitalOcean is raising $US83 million (£53.2 million) to take on Amazon Web Services. The company, which lets its customers swipe a credit card and get access to an almost bottomless supply of raw computing power, just closed a Series B round.

5. Researchers have found flaws in Apple’s software that hackers can use to break or hijack iPhones.They can be exploited if you install a third-party app.

6. David Cameron is still trying to ban encryption. “We must look at all the new media being produced and ensure that, in every case, we are able, in extremes and on the signature of a warrant, to get to the bottom of what is going on,” the British Prime Minister has said.

7. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is expanding outside Asia for the first time. The company will launch in Brazil on July 1.

8. $US10 billion (£6.41 billion) office rental company WeWork believes it will survive if the tech bubble bursts. Only a fraction of the companies renting its office space are actually tech firms.

9. PayPal is acquiring money transfer service Xoom for around $US890 million (£570.4 million).Xoom’s shares skyrocketed 20% after the bid.

10. A $US10 million (£6.41 million) donation from Elon Musk, which he offered up in January in a bid to ensure artificial intelligence doesn’t kill us, will be split between 37 different research projects.They will try and keep AI weapons under human control, help AI systems learn what humans want, and teach develop an ethical system for AI.

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