10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know today.

1. Apple launched a new range of iPods. The iPod Touch now has the same camera as the iPhone 6, and can track your movement in the same way that iPhones do.

2. Google has revealed its buy button. It’s going to let customers purchase items directly from searches.

3. Netflix stock was up as much as 11% after a strong earnings report. It reported net subscriber additions of 3.3 million.

4. Apple is in talks to start selling iPhones in Iran. The company has held meetings with resellers about trading in the country once sanctions lift.

5. Intel shares were up as much as 8% after a surprisingly good earnings call. Analysts had been cutting forecasts, but Intel brought in more revenue than expected.

6. Cybercrime forum Darkode has been shut down by the FBI. 28 people were arrested as part of the shutdown.

7. Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal has lost another senior employee. David Solomon, Tidal’s US sales and marketing manager, has left the company.

8. Uber has been fined $US7.3 million after it refused to hand over data to the state of California. Uber told us that it plans to appeal the fine.

9. eBay is nearing a deal to sell its enterprise unit for $US900 million. The deal could be announced today.

10. Facebook is launching its own buy button. The site is currently testing shop sections for Pages.

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