10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know to start your week.

1. Four Twitter execs are leaving the company. In a statement posted on Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey says they have “chosen” to leave.

2. We’ve had a clear sign Apple is working on the next major computing platform, virtual reality. The Cupertino company has hired Doug Bowman, a VR expert.

3. Google has agreed to pay the UK government £130 million in back taxes. The tech giant has been criticised over the amount, however, with shadow chancellor John McDonnell calling it “trivial,” The Guardian reports.

4. Samsung is launching a virtual reality movie studio in New York. It announced the news at the Sundance Film Festival, CNET reports.

5. Airbnb is pinning its hopes on China and Milennials as it hopes to become profitable. The holiday property rental service has been around eight years, and is worth more than $25 billion — but it isn’t profitable.

6. The guy leading the Apple Car has reportedly quit. Steve Zadesky was a 16-year Apple veteran.

7. Theranos’ problems coud be about to get a lot worse. A federal regulatory body apparently found issues with one of the healthcare startup’s labs in Californina, which could damage its relationship with the Medicare program.

8. Facebook’s is launching a new data center in Ireland. It’s the first in the world to be powered by the Open Compute Project, an attempt revolutionise how servers work.

9. A leaked photo might give us our first look at the iPhone 5se. The 5se is a 4-inch smartphone that Apple is reportedly planning to launch in early 2016.

10. Investors want their money back from failed mobile payments app Clinkle. Clinkle was once highly hyped, but has suffered numerous setbacks.

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