10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know to end your week.

1. A lawsuit has revealed texts between CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Marc Andreessen. Shareholders are accusing Andreessen of failing to represent investors’ interests, Bloomberg reports.

2. Microsoft has officially closed its deal to buy LinkedIn. It is acquiring it for $26 billion (£21 billion).

3. Sean Rad is stepping down as CEO of Tinder for the second time. He is launching “Swipe Ventures,” which will carry out acquisitions.

4. Microsoft may already have bested Magic Leap, one of the most anticipated startups of 2017. Magic Leap is building augmented reality headsets, but some of its much-hyped prototype tech won’t make its way into the finished product.

5. Facebook is tapping college students to fight trolls and extremists. The social network teamed up with EdVentures Partners and the US State Department for a competition, “Peer to Peer: Challenging Extremism.”

6. We tried out “Super Mario Run,” the upcoming iOS game from Nintendo. It’s a traditional 2D Mario game, and it’s very good.

7.Faraday Futures has teased photos of the electric car it plans to reveal in January. The buzzy Tesla competitor will unveil the vehicle at CES.

8. Apple analyst Gene Munster is leaving Piper Jaffray to start a venture capital firm. Munster will look to invest in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, according to Bloomberg.

9. The idea for Google’s huge re-organisation came out of a secret Larry Page project called “Javelin.” It restructured itself into an umbrella company called Alphabet last year.

10. Spotify has backed out of talks to buy SoundCloud, TechCrunch reports. It is apparently focusing on preparing to go public in 2017 instead.

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