10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know to start off your week.

1. Microsoft made more revenue in October from online sales of its Surface line than Apple did from selling the iPad. That’s a first for the company, and a sign that Microsoft’s high pricing for the Surface is working.

2. Snapchat has hired a Facebook executive to head up its new European team. Claire Valoti, the director of agency partnerships at Facebook in the UK, will join Snapchat’s London office.

3. Apple analyst Gene Munster says that the rumoured 4-inch iPhone won’t make a huge impact on Apple. Munster says that his data indicates that Apple is indeed working on a low-end iPhone.

4. Apple will reportedly begin production of the new Apple TV in early 2016. The update will include an improved CPU to make the device faster and more powerful.

5. Taxi company Addison Lee says it will be able to tweak its software to comply with tough new TfL proposals on ridesharing apps. CTO Peter Ingram told us that TfL will find it difficult to implement some of the proposals.

6. Amazon has purchased thousands of truck trailers with its name on. It’s going to use them to transport products between its warehouses in the US.

7. Cambridge University is launching a £10 million centre to study the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity. It’s going to look at both short and long term changes brought about by AI.

8. New drone footage of Apple’s new campus has shown the giant underground theatre that’s being built there. The campus is scheduled to open at the start of 2017.

9. $1 billion (£663 million) messaging startup Tango has a “toxic” workplace. Here’s a detailed account of life inside the company.

10. A Scottish VC told us why he passed on investing in daily fantasy site FanDuel. Stuart Paterson said the company was on a fine line between gaming and gambling.

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