10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here’s the tech news you need to know to start your week.

1. Facebook is working on a plan to pick news from favoured media partners. It’s similar to Snapchat’s Discover section.

2. A startup that wants to transform insurance “beyond recognition” has added $33 million (£26 million) to its war chest. Lemonade has previously raised funds from Sequioa, but didn’t publicise this most recent fund-raise.

3. Apple Store employees are getting frustrated with the rampant iPhone battery flaw. A bug is causing some iPhones to switch off when they still have 30% of their battery left.

4. The EU says tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter need to do more to tackle hate speech, Reuters reports. The European Commission says that otherwise, laws will be introduced that will force them to do so.

5. Apple is asking the US government to make it easier to develop self-driving cars. The Cupertino company has written a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

6. If you asked Google “are women evil,” it replied “every woman has some degree of prostitute in her.” A feature by The Guardian has highlighted some of the troubling aspects of Google’s auto-complete feature.

7. Nested, a startup that guarantees to sell your home, is being offered £10 million-worth of property a week. It launched publicly 10 weeks ago.

8. Google’s ambitious smartwatch vision is failing to materialise. Lenovo-owned Moto has put its Android Wear plans on hold, and the future of the platform looks uncertain.

9. Of nine tech companies, only Twitter said it would refuse to help build a Muslim registry for Donald Trump. The Intercept asked Facebook, Google, Twitter and others about whether they’d work on a hypothetical registry, and most refused to comment.

10.Virgin Galactic’s second SpaceShipTwo has performed its first glide flight, The Verge reports. A failure in the first SpaceShipTwo two years ago killed its pilot.

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